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Dr. Aonghus Mc Nabola

Associate Professor (Civil Struct & Env. Eng.)

Dr. McNabola is a graduate of the School of Engineering, Trinity College Dublin, obtaining his BA, BAI degree in 2002 with first class honours. He subsequently worked in Engineering Consultancy for 2 years as a Civil & Environmental Engineer. Following on from this he carried out a PhD at Trinity College Dublin, graduating in 2007. The subject of his research was in air pollution measurement and CFD modelling of commuter traffic in Dublin. He worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at TCD on biofuel production prior to being appointed as an Assistant Professor in energy and environment in the Dept of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, TCD. Since his appointment Dr. McNabola has continued his research work in the fields of air pollution and CFD analysis, focusing on many aspects such as: air pollution control device development, health impacts, emissions modelling, exposure assessment and modelling. He has also expanded his work into the area of energy efficiency including projects in energy recovery in the water industry and energy recovery in buildings. His research interests include: the application of CFD analysis to engineering problems such as air pollution dispersion, fluid structure interactions, energy devices (wave/hydro/energy recovery); the study of air pollution exposure and its impact on human health; and the recovery of energy in urban systems. He is also active in the field of third level education research and a member of the TCD higher education research group CHEST. Dr. McNabola currently has 7 PhD students in his group and is involved in a number of international collaborative projects, funded by EU-FP7, INTERREG Ireland-Wales, PRTLI, Enterprise-Ireland and the EPA. Dr. McNabola also acts as a College Tutor and is a member of the University Council. He is the Director of the MSc in Engineering Course at Trinity and is engaged in the teaching of fluid dynamics and environmental engineering at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
  Air pollution monitoring and assessment   Coastal & Ocean Engineering   Computational Fluid Dynamics   Energy Engineering   Environmental aspects of transportation   Environmental Effects, Fossil Energy   Environmental engineering   Environmental Impacts of Transport   Fluid Physics   Greenhouse gas emission assessment   Hydraulics engineering   Hydro power   Pollution   Pollution Control   Renewable energies   Tidal and Wave Energy
 Towards a More Sustainable System of Water Supply in Ireland and Wales: Exploring Opportunities for Hydropower in Break Pressure Tanks (Hydro-BPT)
 Activity/Location GIS Personal Exposure Air Pollution Model
 Ablative Flash Pyrolysis of Biomass and Waste
 Development of a Personal Exposure Reduction Strategy for Pedestrians using Active and Passive Low Boundary Walls
 The AER project

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Dutch Basic Basic Basic
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
German Basic Basic Basic
Details Date From Date To
Member of the Aerosol Society 2009 to date
Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers 2000 to date
Member of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate
Alam S, Duffy P, Hyde B, McNabola A., Understanding the future landscape of PM2.5 emissions from passenger car transport in Ireland, 49th UTSG Conference, Dublin, 4-6 January, 2017, pp1-12 , Conference Paper, ACCEPTED
Siva, V., Coughlan, P., McNabola, A., Building collaboration within a smart specialisation cluster through action learning, 4th International EurOMA Sustainable Operations and Supply Chains Forum, Milan, Italy, 27-28 February, 2017, Conference Paper, ACCEPTED
Novara, D., Carravetta, A., Derakhshan, S., McNabola, A., Ramos, H.M., A Cost model for Pumps as Turbines and a comparison of design strategies for their use as energy recovery devices in Water Supply Systems, 10th International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Motor Driven Systems (EEMODS), Rome, 6-8 September, 2017, Conference Paper, ACCEPTED
Morgan D., Xiao, L., McNabola, A., Evaluation of Combined Sewer Overflow assessment methods: case study of Cork City, Ireland, Water and Environment Journal, 2017, Journal Article, ACCEPTED
Alam, S., Hyde, B., Duffy, P., McNabola, A., Assessment of pathways to reduce CO2 emissions from passenger car fleets: case study in Ireland, Applied Energy, 189, 2017, p283 - 300, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Lydon, T., Coughlan, P., McNabola, A., Pump-as-turbine: Characterization as an energy recovery device for the water distribution network, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 2017, Journal Article, ACCEPTED
Tang, J., McNabola, A., Misstear, B., Caulfield, B., An evaluation of the impact of the Dublin Port Tunnel and HGV management strategy on air pollution emissions, Transport Research Part D, 2017, Journal Article, ACCEPTED
Morgan D., Gallagher J., McNabola A., A passive design solution for building ventilation systems: balancing energy and filter savings for maximum economic benefit during operation, Indoor Air: 14th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate, Ghent, Belgium, 3-8 July , 2016, pp1-8 , Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Gallagher, J., Styles, D., McNabola, A., Coughlan, P., Eco-design for energy recovery through hydropower: Achieving a 'double-low carbon' outcome in a circular economy, 23rd Innovation and Product Development Management Conference, Glasgow, UK, June 12-14th, edited by Acur, N & Hart, S. , 2016, pp1-8 , Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Alam S, Duffy P, Hyde B, McNabola A., Scenario analysis of CO2 emissions in the period 2015-2035 from passenger vehicles in Ireland, 21st International Transport & Air Pollution Conference, Lyon, France, 24th-26th May, 2016, pp1-19 , Conference Paper, PUBLISHED

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Alam S, Duffy P, Hyde B, McNabola A., Common Air Pollutant Projections from the Irish Road Transport Sector under the Emissions Celling Directive (NECD) and Convention on Long-range Trans boundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP): A preliminary Analysis for 2035, 25th Irish Environmental Researchers Colloquium (Environ 2015), Sligo, 9th & 10th April, 2015, pp1-2 , Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Aonghus McNabola, The Air Pollution Impacts of Transport on Health, Strengthening the link between transport policy and public health through transdisciplinary collaboration, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 1st-2nd May, 2014, Prof. M Hatzopoulou, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
McNabola, A & GIll L.W., Air Quality Research Group, Tobacco Control Research, ASH Ireland, TobaccoFree Research institute :10th 10th Anniversary of the introduction of the Workplace smoking ban in Ireland, Royal College of Physicians, Dublin., 24th February, edited by Prof. Luke Clancy , 2014, Poster, PUBLISHED
McNabola, A., Coughlan , Energy recovery in the water industry using micro-hydropower, Water Ireland: implementing a national water utility, Ashbourne, 15th May, 2013, Water & Wastewater Treatment, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
J. Gallagher, A. P. Williams, D. Styles, I. Harris, P. Coughlan, C. Power, L. Corcoran, A. McNabola., The Hydro-BPT Project: Realising the True Potential for Energy Recovery in the Water Industry in Ireland & Wales, ENVIRON 2013, Galway Ireland, 30th Jan - 1st Feb, 2013, Poster, PUBLISHED
McNabola, A, Docherty, N. Fellenz, M., The Perceived Benefits, Barriers & Solutions to Shared Critical Reflective Practice as a Component of Scholarship in Teaching: A Case Study from an Irish Higher Education Community of Practice., 10th Symposium on Higher Eduation: The Written Word: writing, publishing and communication in Higher Education, Galway, Ireland, 7th-8th June, 2012, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Gallagher, J., Williams, A.P., Styles, D., Harris, I.M., Packwood, A.J., Coughlan, P., Power, C., Corcoran, L., McNabola, A., Energy Recovery in the Water Industry: A Technical, Economic and Commercial Feasibility Study in Ireland and Wales, SPI Water Conference, Brussels, Belgium, 3rd & 4th December, 2012, Poster, PUBLISHED
Carr, D., McNabola, A., Gill, L.W., Developing Rock Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Converters in Ireland, 5th Annual INORE Symposium , Southhampton UK, 9th-13th May, 2011, Poster, PUBLISHED
McCreddin A, Broderick B, Gill L.W, McNabola A., Preliminary Results of an Investigation of Personal Exposure by Activity & Location for the Greater Dublin Area, 12th Annual National Environmental Health Research Colloquium, Ireland, May 2010, edited by B. Delany , 2010, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
D. Carr, L.W. Gill, A. McNabola, Developing Rock Oscillating Water Column (OWC) Wave Energy Converters in Ireland. , TCD-UCD Innovation Day, Dublin, 27th April, 2010, Poster, PUBLISHED


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Award Date
Colleens Prize for Civil Engineering 2002
Nominated for Siemens/I.E.I Young Engineer of the Year 2002
Enterprise Ireland, Industrial Technologies, Commercialisation Award 2011
Trinity College Dublin: Campus Company Award 2011
Accelerated Advancement Beyond Merit Bar (TCD) 2013