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Dr. Alan Kelly

Associate Prof in Biostatistics (Public Health & Primary Care)

  Addiction and substance abuse   Bayesian methods   Biostatistics   Child centred research questions, study design, data analysis   Child dental health   Community health and general practice   Educational disadvantage in children   Epidemiology   Health outcomes   Health Service models   Health status and inequalities   Identification and quantification of health care needs   International children's research   Irish childhoods, change and diversity   Oral clinical research   Oral diseases and Oral medicine   Patterns of health   Peridontology   Population based intervention trials   Primary care   Public Dental Health   Public health   Research issues specifice to any health profession   Spatial and temporal modeling
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Chartered Statistician Royal Statistical Society
Dolk, H., Loane., M., Teljeur, C., Greenlees, R., McCullough, N., Morris, J., Nelen, V., Bianchi, F., Kelly, A., Detection and investigation of temporal clusters of congenital anomaly in Europe: seven years of experience of the EUROCAT surveillance system, European Journal of Epidemiology, 30, 2015, Journal Article, ACCEPTED
Erica Donnelly Swift, Alan Kelly, Factors associated with Single Vehicle and Multi-vehicle Road Traffic Collision Injuries in the Republic of Ireland, International Journal of Injury Control and Safety Promotion, 2015, Journal Article, ACCEPTED
Conor Teljeur, Kelly, A., Dolk, H., Loan,M., Densem, J., Using scan statistics for congenital anomalies surveillance - the EUROCAT methodology, European Journal of Epidemiology, 30, 2015, Journal Article, ACCEPTED
Teljeur C, Tyrrell E, Kelly A, O'Dowd T, Thomas S., Getting a handle on the general practice workforce in Ireland, Irish Journal of Medical Science, 183, (2), 2014, p207 - 213, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Brendan O'Shea, Emma L Ladewig, Alan Kelly, Udo Reulbach,Tom O'Dowd, Weighing children; parents agree, but GPs conflicted, Archives of Diseases of Childhood, (1), 2014, p1 - 4, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Teljeur, C., Smith, SM, Paul, G., Kelly, A., O'Dowd, T., Multimorbidity in a cohort of patients with type 2 diabetes, European Journal of General Practice, 19, 2013, p17 - 22, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Hashem, A., O'Sullivan, M., O'Connell, B., Kelly, A., Impact of Moderate and Severe Hypodontia and Amelogenesis Imperfecta on Quality of Life and Self-Esteem of Adult Patients, Journal of Dentistry, 2013, Journal Article, ACCEPTED
Rahul S Naidu, J Nunn and Alan Kelly, Socio-behavioural factors and early childhood caries: A cross-sectional study of preschool children in central Trinidad:, BMC Oral Health, 13, (30), 2013, p1 - 7, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
A. Ní Shúilleabháin, J. Barry, A. Kelly, F. O'Kelly, C. Darker & T. O'Dowd, Alcohol consumption in pregnancy: results from the general practice setting, Irish Journal of Medical Science, 2013, p0 - 10, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Smyth, B., Evans, D., Kelly, A., Cullen, Louise, O'Donovan, D., , The Farming Population in Ireland: Mortality trends during the 'Celtic Tiger' years., European Journal of Public Health , (March 22), 2012, p1 - 6, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI

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Kelly, A., Teljeur, C., The National Small Area Deprivation Index: Update 2013, 2013, Working Paper, PUBLISHED
Kelly, A., Teljeur, C., A national Small Area Social Fragmentation Index, 2013, Working Paper, PUBLISHED
Kelly, A., Teljeur, C., Carvalho, M., Prevalence of Opiate Use in Ireland 2006: A 3-Source Capture Recapture Study, National Advisory Committee on Drugs, Government Publications, Stationary office, Dublin 2, 2010, 1-28, Report, PUBLISHED
it's the uncertainty that tells me I'm right in, editor(s)Eoin P. O'Neill , What did you do today, Professor? : Fifteen Illuminating Responses from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, Living Edition Science, 2008, pp125 - 142, [Alan Kelly], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Conor Teljeur, Alan Kelly, Accessibility Studies, In: RKW. National Paediatric Hospital: Ambulatory and Urgent Care Centres for Greater Dublin, London, RKW, 2007, Report, PUBLISHED
Alan Kelly, Conor Teljeur, The national deprivation index for health and health services research 2007, 2007, Working Paper, PUBLISHED
Teljeur, C., Kelly, A., Distance and Travel Time Calculations for a proposed National Paediatric Hospital in Dublin: A report to the HSE. Joint Task Group, Department of Health and Children (DOHC) & Health Service Executive (HSE). Report of the Joint Health Service Executive / Department of Health and Children Task Group to advise on the optimum location of the new national paediatric hospital. , Health Service Executive, HSE, 2006, Report, PUBLISHED
Kelly A, Carvalho M, Teljeur C, Prevalence of illicit opiate users in Ireland: a 3-source capture recapture study, Dublin, National Advisory Committee on Drugs, May, 2003, 1, 28, Report, PUBLISHED
Imanol Montoya, Conor Teljeur and Alan Kelly , Access for All: A formal methodology for quantifying and planning access to health services in Ireland, Health Research Board, 2003, Report, PUBLISHED
Alan Kelly, Teljeur C., Determinants of catchment populations within specified travel times and distances of particular hospitals, In: Department of Health and Children, The Development of Radiation Oncology Services in Ireland. (Appendix 3) , Government Publications Office, Department of Health & Children, 2003, Report, PUBLISHED


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