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Dr. Anna Drury

Research Experimental Officer (Physics)

Research Experimental Officer (Polymer Materials Research Unit)

Research Experimental Officer (Chemistry)

At present I am working as a Research Experimental Officer for the Materials Ireland Polymer Research Centre (2006-present) and in the group of Molecular Electronics and Nanotechnology (1988-present) headed by Prof Werner Blau. My previous employment includes proof reader for Springer Verlag, bookseller, Chemistry teacher and Science teacher.
  Analytical chemistry   Applied physics   Asbestos   Carbon nanostructures   Ceramic materials and powders   Chemicals/Materials   Composite materials   Conducting polymer films   Electrochemistry   Environment (Health/Safety/Medical)   Environmental Chemistry   Health and Safety Education   Health and Safety Standards, Environment   High School Education   Inorganic Chemistry   Materials technology, engineering   Molecular electronics   Nanochemistry   Nanotechnology   Nanotubes   Organic chemistry   Photochemistry and photophysics   Plastics   Polymer technology, biopolymers   Polymers   Science Education   Semiconductor physics and technologies   Spectroscopy   Surface and interface physics   Surface chemistry   Synthesis and new molecules   Teacher Education   Undergraduate Education
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James J. Doyle, Valeria Nicolosi, Seán M. O'Flaherty, Damjan Vengust, Anna Drury, Dragan Mihailovic, Jonathan N. Coleman and Werner J. Blau, Nonlinear optical response of Mo6S4.5I4.5 nanowires , Chemical Physics Letters, 435, (1-3), 2007, p109 - 113 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Hodson, R.P., Strevens, A.E., Drury, A., Hörhold, H.H., Blau, W.J., Nanostructured metal filled porous alumina as an anode in polymer light-emitting diodes, Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering , Opto-Ireland 2005: Nanotechnology and Nanophotonics, Dublin, 5-6 April, edited by Blau W.J.,Kennedy D.,Colreavy J. , 5824, SPIE, 2005, pp114-122 , Notes: [ art. no. 17], Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  DOI
Giordani, S., Bergin, S.D., Drury, A., Mhuircheartaigh, E.N., Coleman, J.N., Blau, W.J., Effect of solvents and dispersants on the bundle dissociation of single-walled carbon nanotube, AIP Conference Proceedings, ELECTRONIC PROPERTIES OF NOVEL NANOSTRUCTURES: XIX International Winterschool/Euroconference on Electronic Properties of Novel Materials, Kirchberg, Tirol; Austria, 12-19 March, 786 , 2005, pp232-235 , Notes: [ ], Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  DOI
Ryan KP, Cadek M, Drury A, Ruether M, Blau WJ, Coleman JN , Carbon nanotube nucleated polymer crystallization , Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures, 13 , (Suppl. 1), 2005, p431 - 434, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Silvia Giordani, Shane D. Bergin, Anna Drury, Eimhin Ni Mhuircheartaigh, Manuel Ruther, Jonathan N. Coleman, and Werner J. Blau, Effect of solvent and dispersant on the bundle dissociation of single-walled carbon nanotube, Proceedings of SPIE, 5824, 2005, p42 - 49, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Lipson SM, Coleman JN, Drury A, O'Brien DF, Blau WJ, Cadby AJ, Lane PA, Bradley DDC , Alternating and direct current characterization and photoinduced absorption studies of modified conjugated polymer thin films , Journal of Applied Physics, 95, (11), 2004, p6138 - 6144, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Kevin P Ryan, Stephen M. Lipson; Anna Drury; Martin Cadek; Manuel Ruether; Sean M. O' Flaherty; Valerie Barron; Brendan McCarthy; Hugh J. Byrne; Werner J. Blau; Jonathan N. Coleman, Carbon Nanotube Nucleated Crystallinity in a Conjugated Polymer Based Composite, Chemical Physics Letters, 391, (4-6), 2004, p329 - 333, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Margaret E. Brennan, Jonathan N. Coleman, Takeyuki Kobayashi, Anna Drury , Bernd Lahr , Marc in het Panhuis and Werner J. Blau, Nonlinear photoluminescence from van Hove singularities in multiwalled carbon nanotubes, Optics Letters, 28, 2003, p266 - 266, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
SO Flaherty, SV Hold, M Cadek, A Drury , JN Coleman and WJ Blau, Resonant nonlinear optical response of multiwalled carbon nanotube dispersions, Journal of the Optical Society of America, 20, (1), 2003, p49 - 58, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Gallani, JL, Bonomme, L, Drury, A, Blau, WJ, Photosensitive magnetism of radicals coupled with carbon nanotubes, Organic Electronics, 4, (1), 2003, p15-20 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI

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