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Professor Anne-Marie Brady

Professor of Nursing + Chronic Illness/ (School of Nursing & Midwifery)

Head of School (School Office - Nursing & Midwifery)

Professor Anne-Marie Brady is Chair of Nursing & Chronic Illness and Head of School, in the School of Nursing & Midwifery at Trinity College Dublin. She previously served as Director of the Trinity Centre for Practice and Healthcare Innovation for 3 years and as Director of Teaching & Learning (Postgraduate) for 4 years. She is a Registered General Nurse and Registered Nurse Tutor. Anne-Marie has over 30 years of clinical practice, education and research experience in nursing and health care management. Prior to her move to working in 3rd level Anne-Marie has gained extensive international experience working in health care systems in Ireland, United Kingdom and the USA. Due to her clinical experience, research and teaching Anne-Marie has gained significant understanding of health service delivery issues in both the Irish and International context. Her research work has focused upon the development of quality improvement, systems and workforce development in healthcare.She has conducted research studies in collaboration with health service providers to examine issues around patient related outcomes measures, workload measurement, practice development, patient safety and competency among health care workers. She has conducted a national study in Ireland of the transition experiences, work conditions and factors that influence retention of degree graduate nurses. More recently her research has been concerned with alternative strategies to responding to the burden of health care around chronic illness. She is leading a national and multi-site evaluation of integrated care in dementia. She is editor and co-author of a book Leadership & Management in the Irish Health Service. She is a member of Board Tallaght Hospital and serves on the National Clinical Effectiveness Committee.
  Chronic Illness   Chronic Illness self-management   HEALTH CARE ORGANIZATION   Health Services Management   INTEGRATION   NURSING EDUCATION
 Evaluation of Genio Dementia Programme
 Leadership Academy Student Nurses
 Out of Hours Clinical-Decision-Making
 An Evaluation of the Traveller Mental Health Liaison Nurse (TMHLN) in the Carlow/Kilkenny area
 Role & Function of MCAs in Ireland

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Details Date
Reviewer: Journal of Clinical Nursing
Reviewer: Journal of Nursing Management
Member: Irish Care Pathways interest group
Reviewer:Journal of Mixed Methods
Chapter Academic Leader-Institute Healthcare Improvement (IHI) 2014
Member of National Clinical Effectiveness Committee (Education nominee) June 2015
Tallaght Hospital Board Member 2018
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
Details Date From Date To
Irish Academy of Management 2004 date
Sigma Theta Tau International(Nurses Honor Society)Gamma Epsilon Chapter 1999 date
Chapter Lead-Institute of Health Care Improvement (IHI) 2014 date
Nursing & Midwifery Board of Ireland 1988 date
ISCOME International Society for Safety in Medical Education March 2016
International Federation of Integrated Care IFIC May 2017 date
Brady AM, Bracken-Scally, Mairead, Assessing the Impact of Dementia Inclusive Environmental Adjustment in the Emergency Department, Dementia: the international journal of social research and practice, (DEM-19-0011.R3 ), 2019, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Drury, Amanda; Payne, Sheila; Brady, A.M., Healthcare Factors Predicting Colorectal Cancer Survivors' Quality of Life Outcomes, 38th Annual International Nursing & Midwifery Research & Education Conference 2019, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, Dublin, Ireland, 28/02/2019, 2019, Notes: [Presentation awarded Best Oncology/Palliative Care Oral Presentation], Oral Presentation, PUBLISHED
Bracken-Scally M., Brady A-M., Daly L. , Hynes G. , Keogh B. , Kennelly B. and Mc Carron M. , Methodological lessons learned from a parallel dementia process evaluation, Trinity Health and Education International Research Conference (THEconf2019, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin, 6-7 March , 2019, Oral Presentation, PRESENTED  URL
Brady, A-M. Bracken, M. Keogh, BJ, Daly, L, Hynes, G. Kennelly , B, Mc Carron M, Learning from a Parallel Process Evaluation of Dementia Care Services , 25th Research & Education Conference, School of Nursing, University of Maribor, Slovenia , 7th June, 2018, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Keogh B, Brady AM, Downes C, Doyle L, Higgins A, McCann T, Improving Traveller mental health - the role of co-production: findings from an evaluation of a Traveller Mental Health Liaison Nurse in Carlow and Kilkenny. , IIMHN/COMMUNE Conference:Informing mental health nursing practice, education, and research through co production, Dublin, Ireland, 17th and 18th May, 2018, Oral Presentation, PRESENTED
Daly L.,Brady A.M., Keogh B., Bracken-Scally M., Ciblis A., Kennelly B., Hynes G., Pittalis C., Drury A. and McCarron M., Achieving inclusiveness: Suggestions to overcome challenges to accessing the perspective of people living with dementia , 19th International Nursing Ethics Conference and 4th International Ethics in Care Conference , Catherine McAuley School of Nursing and Midwifery, University College Cork, 1-2 September , 2018, pp16 - 17, Oral Presentation, PRESENTED  URL
Drury, Amanda; Payne, Sheila; Brady, A.M., The Cost of Survival: A Mixed-Method Exploration of Healthcare-Related Factors Predicting Colorectal Cancer Survivors' Quality of Life, Annals of Oncology , EONS11 @ European Society for Medical Oncology 2019 Congress, Messe Munich, Munich, Germany, 19-23/10/2018, 29, (S8), 2018, Oral Presentation, PUBLISHED
Drury, Amanda; Payne, Sheila; Brady, A.M., The Cost of Survival Study: Exploring the Healthcare Factors Influencing Quality of Life Outcomes Among Colorectal Cancer Survivors, Irish Association of Oncology Nurses Annual Conference 2018, The Red Cow Moran Hotel, Dublin, Ireland, 14/04/2018, 2018, Notes: [Presentation awarded Irish Association for Nurses in Oncology Presidents Prize 2018.], Oral Presentation, PUBLISHED
Galvin M; Doyle J; Murphy E; Hannigan C; Brady AM; McCarron M; Bowman S; Smith S; Dinsmore J, The Role of Design Thinking in the Application of PPI within the ProACT Project, 4th Annual SPHeRE Conference, RCSI, Dublin, Ireland, 11/01/2018, 2018, Poster, PRESENTED
Galvin, M., Doyle, J., Murphy, E., Hannigan, C., Brady, A.M., McCarron, M., Bowman, S., Smith, S. and Dinsmore, J., The role of design thinking in the application of PPI within the ProACT project, SPHeRE Network 4th Annual Conference 2018, Dublin, Ireland, 2018, Poster, PUBLISHED

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Brady, A-M, Effective Service Evaluation: A Practical Approach, National Bereavement Conference , Croke Park Dublin , 26th April , 2018, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Brady, A-M, Sharing the learning; Building clinical research capacity , CUH Research Conference: Sparking the Innovation , CUH Cork, 22nd May , 2018, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Bracken-Scally, M., Brady, A-M., Keogh, B., Hynes, G.,Kennelly, B., Drury, A., Daly, L., & McCarron, M., Evaluation of the Connolly Hospital Dementia Pathways Project: Preliminary findings, Connolly Hospital Dementia Pathways Partnerships in Care Seminar, Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown, Dublin, 20 September 2018, 2018, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Galvin M., Murphy E., Hannigan C., Doyle J., Smith S., Bowman S., McCarron., Brady AM., Dinsmore J,, ProACT: Fostering PPI within the design of digital health solutions for people with multimorbidity, 'International Perspectives on Evaluation of Patient & Public Involvement in Research', Newcastle, United Kingdom, 15th-16th November, , 2018, Poster, PUBLISHED
Keogh B, Brady AM, Downes C, Doyle L, Higgins A, McCann T, An Evaluation of the Role of the Traveller Mental Health Liaison Nurse in Carlow and Kilkenny, Dublin, Ireland, Trinity College Dublin, October, 2018, Report, PUBLISHED
Keogh B, Brady AM, Downes C, Doyle L, Higgins A, McCann T, An Evaluation of the Role of the Traveller Mental Health Liaison Nurse in Carlow and Kilkenny [Summary Report], Dublin, Ireland, Trinity College Dublin, October, 2018, Report, PUBLISHED
Brady A.M., Daly L., Keogh B., Kennelly B., Ciblis A., Drury A., Hynes G., Bracken-Scally M., Pittalis C. and McCarron M., Evaluation of the Cork Integrated Dementia Care Across Settings (Cork-IDEAS) Project, Dublin, Ireland, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin, 2018, p1 - 109, Report, PUBLISHED
Brady, A-M., Bracken-Scally, M., Keogh, B., Kennelly, B., Daly, L., Hynes, G., Pittalis, C., Drury, A., Ciblis, A. & McCarron, M., Evaluation of the St. James's Hospital DemPath Integrated Care Pathway Project, Dublin, Ireland, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin, 2018, Report, PUBLISHED
Brady AM , Human factors & patient safety , The European Academy of Nursing Science (EANS) Winter Summit 2017, Trinity College Dublin , 26th -27th January , 2017, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Lalor, J. Brady,A-M, Pittalis, C. O'Boyle, C. , Systematic literature review of the evidence to inform the future education, role and function of maternity care assistants in Ireland , Dublin , Trinity College Dublin , January , 2017, Report, PUBLISHED


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Award Date
Health Services Reseach Fellowship 2007-10
Health Services Management; Quality improvement and innovation in health service delivery; Human Factors & Patient Safety; Manpower issues; Chronic illness/cancer survivorship; Integration of health systems, Technology & healthcare delivery;