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Professor Michael Gill

Professor Consultant (Psychiatry)

Professor Consultant (Molecular Medicine Ireland)

Professor Michael Gill (MD, MRCPsych FTCD) is Professor of Psychiatry and Head of Discipline at Trinity College Dublin and Consultant Psychiatrist at St James' Hospital. He leads the Neuropsychiatric Genetics Research Group which conducts ongoing Phenotypic and Genomic investigations into Autism, Psychosis and ADHD. The goal of this research is to identify and investigate the function of genetic variation contributing to disease risk as a means of improving understanding of disease biology, developing better methods of diagnosis, and establishing new therapeutic approaches. The group has played a significant role in large collaborative genomics studies and has been part of several significant discoveries in recent years published in journals such as Nature, Nature Genetics, Archives of General Psychiatry and the British and American Journals of Psychiatry. In 2012 he was appointed as Director and Principle Investigator of the Dublin Centre for Clinical Research that includes the network of four CRFs at TCD, UCD and RCSI and the Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility at St. James' Hospital which opened in 2013 and after two years in operation has over 80 studies on its books. He is Co-Director of the recently funded HRB Clinical Research Coordination Ireland, supporting coordinated multisite clinical trials in Ireland; Executive committee member of the HRB Trials Methodology Research Network and the TCD lead in the National Health Innovation Hub. He is a Board member of the Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience and of Molecular Medicine Ireland.
  Nonlinear Dynamics and Systems
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Member, DMMC Gene Bank Management Group, A trans-institutional committee with responsibility for providing strategic and scientific direction in the management of DMMC's combined bioresource collections.
Member, Cycle 2 PI's & Researchers, All Cycle 2 Researchers & PI's
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