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Dr. Giuliana Adamo

Assistant Professor (Italian)

Giuliana Adamo holds a Ph.D in Theory of Literature and Textual Linguistics from Reading University (UK), and a Laurea (BA+MA) in Italian Philology from Alma Mater University (Pavia, Italy). Prior to joining Trinity she worked as Italian Language and Literature temporary lecturer at Reading University. From 2008 she is a Fulbright Fellow. From 2014 she lectures in the Italian Summer School at Middlebury College (VT, USA).
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Giuliana Adamo, Maria Attanasio: a female voice in contemporary historical writing, Italica, 92, (1), 2015, p121 - 137, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Giuliana Adamo, Review of Narrazioni egemoniche. Gramsci, letteratura e società civile, by Mauro Pala , Strumenti critic, 137, 2015, p189-194 , Review, PUBLISHED
Giulana Adamo, Review of Perché la 'ndrangheta? Antropologia dei calabresi, by Alessandro Tarsia , Amaltea, X, (2-3), 2015, p42-45 , Review, PUBLISHED
Giuliana Adamo, La storia nell'opera di Vincenzo Consolo, Esperienze letterarie, I, (XXXIX), 2014, p3 - 18, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Adamo, Guiliana, Il 'Contrasto' di Cielo D'Alcamo: lingua, metro e stile , History of Italian Language, University of Pavia, 1984, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Adamo, Guiliana, Nota sui rapporti del detto del gatto lupesco e un testo del XIII sec.,in francese antico, intitolato 'voie du paradis' scritto da Baudouin de Condè, Romance Philology , Univeristy of Pavia, 1985, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
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Adamo, Guiliana, Beginnings and endings of novels, European Studies Seminar, Cardiff, October, 1994, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Adamo, Guiliana, Come iniziano e finiscono i romanzi, SIS Conference, Malta, March 1995, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Adamo, Guiliana, Sul cominciare e finire dei romanzi, Cagliari, 1997, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Adamo, Guiliana, Beginnings and endings: from epic to novels, Mexico City, March 1998, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED


My research spans from the origin of the Western tradition to the present with a special focus on 18th-19th-20th-21th centuries. My approach is historical and philological with a strong interdisciplinary outlook as evidenced by my publications where literature, history of languages and dialects, poetry, music, opera, theatre, cinema, history and memories, sociology and pedagogy are intertwined and woven together through different perspectives (from structuralism to post-colonialism). I have published three monographs (on poetry, history, theory of literature respectively), two co-authored books (on history of food, literature), three co-edited books (literature, philology, post-colonialism), one special issue of a peer-reviewed journal (on comparative literature and translation), a book translation, numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, book reviews in peer-reviewed journals, and a book of creative writing. I have a growing presence in the media, which includes online videos, newspaper/journal/radio interviews, documentaries in which I talk about my research.