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Dr. Catherine Conlon

Assistant Professor (Social Studies)


After completing a BA in Law, Sociology and Politics at NUI Galway 1990-1993 I was inspired by Women's Studies scholars there including mentor Anne Byrne and progressed on to Women's Education, Research and Resource Centre (WERRC) in University College Dublin to undertake an MA in Women's Studies 1993-94. My minor dissertation was an analysis of the first 100 Irish women referred by the Irish Family Planning Association to the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, an innovative piece early piece of empirical research addressing Irish women's abortion experiences. In 1994 I joined the Department of Sociology, Trinity College Dublin as part of an interdisciplinary team commissioned by the Minister for Health to carry out a ground breaking, qualitative inquiry into Irish women's responses to pregnancy entitled 'Women and Crisis Pregnancy' (co-authored with Evelyn Mahon and Lucy Dillon, 1996). This project provided a unique insight into the place of social research in the policy making process and forged my commitment to critical policy research. I have since gained extensive experience in policy research both in an academic setting and within the public policy sector. Between 1999 and 2000 I served as Research Officer at the National Council for Ageing and Older People but returned to academia in 2000 in pursuit of the unique conditions for carrying out research it offers. I joined Women's Studies at UCD in 2000 as Research Co-ordinator working with Ursula Barry and Ailbhe Smyth where I secured over 500,000euros of policy research commissions from diverse statutory bodies including the Crisis Pregnancy Agency, the Combat Poverty Agency and the Equality Authority. In 2006, my captivation with a research project carried out for the Crisis Pregnancy Agency/HSE West concerning women concealing pregnancy led me to embark on a PhD at UCD. I received joint awards from UCD's Ad Astra Research Scholarship (2006-2010) and the Crisis Pregnancy Agency Doctoral Scholarship (2007-2010) for this research and was supervised by Ursula Barry (Women's Studies) and Patricia Kennedy (Social Policy) in this work. In July 2011 I joined the School of Social Work and Social Policy TCD as Post-doctoral researcher with Prof Virpi Timonen (in collaboration with Prof Tom Sharf and Dr Gemma Carney, NUI Galway) on 'Changing Generations', a study of intergenerational relations in Ireland using Constructivist Grounded Theory. In 2013 I was awarded funding as PI on a research project exploring how parents communicate with their children aged 4-9 years about their bodies, sexuality funded by the HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme. In 2015 I was appointed lecturer in the School where I now teach on Principles and Issues in Social Policy, Families and research methodologies and am co-Director of the BA in Sociology and Social Policy. My current research agenda continues to engage with understanding surveillance and regulation of sexual and fertile bodies and women's reproductive practices as well as illuminating resistances within those practices. A collaboration with Dr Evangelia Rigaki, TCD School of Music, and Prof of Poetry and Creative Writing at Newcastle University W.N. Herbert to translate writing from my Doctoral thesis into Opera generated highly productive insights on the potential for new modes of analysis through Arts Practice for social policy.
 Research with Parents
 Changing Generations

Details Date From Date To
Sociological Association of Ireland
British Sociological Association
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Award Date
UCD Ad Astra Doctoral Research Scholarship 2006-2010
Crisis Pregnancy Agency Phd Scholarship 2007-2010
My research interests encompass: women's fertile bodies; socio-cultural surveillance of women's sexual and reproductive bodies and intergenerational relations. My current research project concerns parents accounts of talking with their young children (aged 4-9) about sexuality, the body and growing up. This focus on 'sexual socialisation' from parent's perspectives continues my interest in sexual subjectivity, discourses of heterosexuality and sexuality and reproduction as practice. My research inquiries are undertaken under conditions of on-going interrogation of ontological, epistemological and methodological concerns raised by post-structuralist and 'post-qualitative' theories. This involves a social research inquiry praxis interrogating what constitutes as knowledge for social science/policy, what constitutes as data-for-knowledge. I am a member of the TCD Creative Arts Practice Research team and have forged collaborations with arts practitioners including Dr Evangelia Rigaki, TCD School of Music and film-maker AnneMaree Barry to explore productive modes of trans disciplinary inquiry.