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Dr. Claire Healy

Senior Lecturer Consultant (Dental Science)


Details Date From Date To
British Society for Oral Medicine 1992 present
European Association of Oral Medicine 2002 present
Dental Council of Ireland 1995 present
Medical Council 1999 present
Fellow of Faculty of Dentistry of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland 2006 present
Irish Division of International Association of Dental Research 2003
Healy C.M., Moran G.P., The microbiome and oral cancer: More questions than answers, Oral Oncology, 89, 2019, p30 - 33, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
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Shanahan D, Healy CM., Oral Cancer Awareness of Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors, Irish Medical Journal, 111, 2018, p667-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
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